Monday, February 15, 2010

Feel like a Treasure Hunt Today?...

This takes a little time browsing in my shop...but for the first five who leave the correct answer that tells me the Haeckle image that I used to designed this scrapbook paper ...I'll let you pick two digital images from my shop and send them to you free! It can be a botanical, new design scrapbook paper, or Haeckle image... what ever sets you on fire:)

I promise you will find it a pleasant experience...the Haeckle images in particular are amazing in their detail!

Just go to my Esty shop and have fun searching for your treasure!! Send me an email at and comment which original image was used and the two images you want for free. I'll send your free images right along through your email address.

Leave a comment here that you emailed me...shush...don't leave the answer...that would spoil the fun!

Have fun on your journey.
I have already had one correct bad that I ask Regina to leave her answer in my original post...but here is what she had to say.....
Regina said...

WOW...what fun even if I do get it wrong...LOL!!
I love hunt and seek games ^_^

I think it might be from the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

If I did get it right then I would love the
1. Vintage clock face
2. Lost in the Dragon Stare

This was fun....thank you!!!!


Four more entries...are you game?


  1. That was harder than I expected and now that I sent the email, I am doubting myself....
    but it WAS fun to hunt.

  2. were so right! Hope the challenge was worth the effort. Your new treasures are already on their way to you...if you can't find in your email box, please check your spam folder.

    Thanks so much for playing!!

    Two down...Three to go!

  3. Hi :)
    I've just sent you an email with what I think vcould be correct. Not really so sure though LOL

  4. Helen, You nailed it on the head! I have already emailed your two requested free images. I hope you have just the best time creating with them!

  5. That leave two more places to play my game:) Who is up for the challenge?

  6. I'm reminded of so many ancient books - and wondering how they were able to be so detailed and precise in their renderings? Not playing, btw. Just taking a second tour of OWOH at a more leisurely pace and looking around. Nice to meet you!
    :-) Gina